Wells has a new club for synthesizer players

On a pleasant Saturday afternoon in the middle of June, a gathering of synth players took place at the Contemporary Music Centre (WCMC) in the Portway Annexe. Thank you, Portway Music School, for sponsoring the room. The main objective was to see what people would like to do, and to play with some gear!

In outline the group will aim to:

  • Meet monthly, on a Thursday evening (19:00-21:00);
  • Hold “Open Synth Nights” where people can jam for 15 minutes;
  • Have outings to events such as Machina Bristronica (30/09/23);
  • Organise performances;
  • Investigate what can be done to introduce others to the joys of synths at the WCMC.

Three enthusiasts brought along interesting synthesizers (classic, contemporary and modular) to get things going. If you would like to be involved with the Wells Synth Club, contact info@wellsrocks.org, or just come along to the next session on the 27th of July.