Wells based guitarist records at Real World Studios

Rick Payne’s latest compositions have been recorded at Peter Gabriel’s amazing studio complex near Bath. Rick, working with Nigel Fraser as producer and engineering lead spent a day laying down tracks for Rick’s forthcoming album. Rick both performed with and conducted a string quartet of session musicians.  Rick and Nigel have been developing the compositions and arrangements at the Wells Contemporary Music Centre in the Portway Annexe, and with workshops at the Bath School of Music and Performing Arts.

Real World Studios was selected for the recordings as it has both The Wood Room, an ideal space for recording a string quartet, with an adjacent booth for recording quieter guitar parts in, and an amazing selection of microphones to work with. It also has an international reputation and amazing support team. The twelve-hour session flew past.  The elated Rick and Nigel then ended the day with a walk around the extensive grounds and shared a bottle of Malbec before returning to Wells the next morning.

It is intended that the compositions will form part of a show that will be premiered in Wells in 2024. Rick and Nigel would like to involve more local musicians in the project and will be holding auditions for the string quartet next year. The competition will be strong, the Gloucestershire based session players all loved the music!

Rick Payne in an isolation booth at Real World Studios.


Synth Club

The Wells Rocks Synth Club will be meeting again on Thursday 27th of July in the Portway Annexe. The session will run from 7 to 9 PM.  If you are keen on creating new tones with synths, or just curious about what they can do, why not pop along and see if it is for you?

Wells Djembe Circle

This drumming group grows from strength to strength.  Chrissie’s latest project is to add a marimba to the percussive instruments available. A marimba is an instrument with wooden bars that are struck by mallets. There are resonator pipes below each bar. These amplify the harmonics to produce a rich, warm sound. Chrissie is keen to add this because as well as adding a new timbre to the group, it will also enable people who may not be able to sustain drumming for a whole session to take part.