Two opportunities through Wells Rocks

The recent open day at the Portway Annexe was a great opportunity to let people see what is happening there and to hear what they would like to do in future. Several people have expressed an interest in learning more about electronic music synthesis. If this is something you would like to be involved with, please drop a line to and we will see if we can establish a group of like-minded people for regular sessions.

Wells Rocks is also seeking someone to create a voice-over for a project which will describe activities in the Portway Annexe. We have already recorded a range of activities and now want to link these up. If you would like to volunteer for this role, please would you contact to arrange an audition. The aim is to create a binaural (immersive audio) walk through the building, in which the different sounds are triggered for each location. When completed, in the coming weeks, this soundscape will be made available through headphones using the ECHOES XYZ app for mobile phones.

Make Music Day

Wednesday the 21st of June will be Make Music Day. If you are doing something musical on that day, why not register your event and help raise the profile of the city. To register, it may be either private or open to the public, but must be free to enter. Further information is available here: