February News

It is good to see the number of people using the  Wells Contemporary Music Centre continuing to grow.  The Portway Music School is proving popular  and organised a fun “Pop Star Party” with dancing, singing, video creation and a photo shoot in February.  The University of the Third Age (U3A) now has a band rehearsing there and the Wells Djembe Circle is filling the AV Studio with rhythms. It is great to see it appealing to such a wide demographic range.  The Centre is also providing a base for Rick Payne to hone his latest project. Rick is currently looking for a viola player to work with on that. If you think you could fit the bill, please contact rick@rickpayne.co.uk .
Fundraising has also continued for the electronic music studio facilities, with Wells Rocks’ sister organisation, Construction Rocks, donating £972 for additional equipment. This will be commissioned in March.  In the mean time, if you want to make music, Wells has a great place to do it, and the opening hours continue to expand too. For bookings, contact Alex at comms@Wells.gov.uk.