New rehearsal facility in the Portway Annexe

The additional, larger rehearsal room reported on last month has now been equipped with contributions from Wells Rocks supporters and the Portway Music School. It is now available for use.  The generous offer of additional acoustic treatment from Wells based Interior System Specialists (ISS-SW Ltd) has been well received by the City Council and will be progressed in the coming weeks. This will enhance the room and expand the range of activities it may accommodate. The desk previously used by David Attenborough for voice overs at the BBC has been moved into the new, larger, room. This development has freed up space in both the original rehearsal room and the small music room making the latter more flexible for teaching in. 

Plans for more live music in Wells

On the 21st of November the Wells Rocks team met with musicians using the Portway Annexe to rehearse and teach to progress the project to hold regular gigs in “The Hart’s Head”, upstairs in the White Heart Hotel in Sadler Street.  The aim is to hold an evening event on the first Friday of each month starting on the 1st of March. Please put these dates in your diaries. Ticket sales will be shared between those providing the entertainment and improving music facilities in the Wells Contemporary Music Centre in the Portway Annexe.  Please support this initiative to increase the live music scene in Wells.