Make music in September

September sees the kick off of evening music sessions as the tempo turns up at the Portway Annexe community hub, from blues to beats. Two local musicians will be taking advantage of this with Chrissie adding an early evening session of the Wells Djembe Circle starting on Thursday the 17th and Rick Payne launching his Blues Guitar Workshops on Wednesday the 28th (find out more at or check out


The Portway Music School continues to grow on Saturdays. James Packer is doing a great job with his enthusiastic and innovative approach to teaching drums and keyboards, which has continued to provide inspiration to kids during the summer holiday. Check out his fundraising initiative to help students on low incomes access music. For every three tracks sold, a lesson will be bought. James and colleagues are also organising Pop at the Portway.


The 70’s Rock Jam sessions mentioned last month are attracting interest. There are still opportunities to join in with sessions restarting in September. If you want to learn more, get in touch at Don’t be shy, they are very friendly sessions. 


If you want to organise music related activities at the Wells Contemporary Music Centre in the Portway Annexe community hub, contact the hubs manager, Alex, at If you have an idea and want to develop it further, feel free to contact the Wells Rocks volunteer team for a chat via the website.


Make Music Day


As reported last month, Wells was designated “A Great Music Place” in 2022. Following the event in June, the national organisers have been in touch with Nigel Fraser who coordinated this year’s activities to get feedback and suggestions for future Make Music Day festivals. Let’s make this an annual event. If you want to get involved next-year please contact Nigel through


Community networking works!


When local recording artist, Paul Oxley, met conductor Roland Melia at a recent Wells Rocks meeting, it proved to be very useful. Paul needed a cello player for a new single and a video to be recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studio’s in Wales.  Roland suggested a bright young musician named Hamish Barry for the part. Hamish slotted in perfectly, played on the single and then travelled up to Monmouth to appear on the video.  Released in Finland where Paul Oxley has a large following with many number1 singles and platinum and gold albums, his latest single. ‘Laugh’ by Paul Oxley’s Unit is now on the A-List of Finnish Radio broadcaster YLE (Finland’s BBC). The track can be found on: Youtube:

and Spotify: An early success for the new contemporary music community in Wells.