It looks like we will be making music in the Portway Annexe!

It feels as though it is all getting real now! Following the completion of the purchase of the Portway Annexe by Wells City Council before Christmas, plans are firming up.

Does anyone want to join Rick’s guitar activities?  Would you be interested in an African drum group workout with Chrissie or to learn to drum or play keyboards with James?  Do you need a regular rehearsal space for your band or just a place to go and make your own music? These are all things that are taking shape right now, to be ready as soon as the City Council has prepared the building for it opening as a welcoming, creative community hub. Volunteers also welcome to help with the set up!

This month we have had a great meeting with the team from Strode College, some of whom live in Wells. They will be helping with the computing side of the music project. We aim to be able to record sessions, at least so people can assess their progress. We also aim to have a studio for producing electronic music and to set up some training courses with Strode College. It is early days yet, but please let us know what you would be interested in. Drop us a line at