Wells is starting to rock!

The booking system is open! If you want to rehearse at the Wells Contemporary Music Centre, you can. Just contact Alex (details below).  The rates are very affordable, with the main rehearsal room at £17 a session and the smaller electronic music room at £8. The doors will open in May. There will be four sessions per day initially, mornings, 2 in the afternoon afternoons and evenings.

Who is interested in a bit of 70s nostalgia? If you play an instrument or can belt it out like Ozzie, McVie, Daltry or Hynde, some people are interested in a regular 70s rock-based jam session on Wednesday afternoons! Not sure how contemporary that is but we want to appeal to all ages – If that is your gig, get in touch.

James Packer’s music school, will be launching in May with sessions at The Wells Contemporary Music centre on Saturday mornings. You can find more information and book lessons at https://wellsmusicschool.co.uk

June the 21st will be World Music Day. We have booked the main hall in the Portway Annexe to lay something on. World Music Day events are free, please put it in your diary and keep an eye on wellsrocks.org for details.

For session bookings, contact Alex Westwood at comms@wells.gov.uk or via  01749 673091

If you are interested in supporting the Wells Contemporary Music Centre, contact us through the website www.wellsrocks.org