A call to all interested in contemporary music

A community group has formed to establish a contemporary music centre in Wells.

The recent vote by WCC to purchase the Portway Annexe has motivated the team to develop the idea further and demonstrate that there is demand in Wells for more contemporary music facilities.

The aim is to provide space for a range of activities associated with developing music skills and providing opportunities for people to enjoy music together – could this include you?

The Portway Annexe Community Group’s “Vision”, featured in last month’s Wells Voice, hinted at what may be possible. The Portway Annexe has huge potential for lots of uses for the community.

The proposed Wells Contemporary Music Centre could provide an affordable to use rehearsal/music technology facility, a drum practice room and a shared use audio / visual studio. There may also be opportunities for performances in the beautiful hall within the Portway Annexe.

Several offers of equipment have already been received along with some sponsorship. A detailed proposal is being submitted to the newly formed City Council Portway Annexe Committee for consideration. You can find more information at www.wellsrocks.org.

If you think you may want to use these facilities as a pupil, teacher, carer & child, a band, or someone who enjoys watching live music, please respond to the forthcoming Wells City Council community consultation on the Portway Annexe. We need your support to demonstrate sustainable demand and make this happen.

Please also register your interest on the www.wellsrocks.org website. Thank you.

Nigel Fraser for the Wells CMC.